Ep. 77 — How to Survive a Bear Encounter


Image: http://bit.ly/2BXE2ZX


We need to talk about the bear necessities.

November 2017 saw us awake to what was a beautiful, sunny, glorious day. We rose early, we got dressed and we couldn’t help but step out into the pristine woods to saturate ourselves in the glowing sun and misty air.

Then she showed up. She was massive, scary. She sounded terrifying and the closer she got, the more the clouds covered the sun and the cool, crisp air turned heavy and stale.

Nobody wants to bump into a bear, especially on such a perfect day. But there are some things we need to remember about bear encounters — things that can help us survive.

The first thing to know is that bears are not aggressive — they may seem aggressive. When this one showed up she certainly felt aggressive. But they aren’t — not really.

Bears are reactionary. More than anything they are curious, they just want to see how you will react. Depending on how you react the bear will adopt different behaviours. Don’t give her a reason to think it’s a good time to attack.

Before we bumped into her, she just wanted to eat. That is still her priority. The problem is, she likes the taste of your gains the most. How you react will determine how relentless she may become in her effort to locate and devour those gains.

— So, a couple of things to remember —

Do not panic:

She can smell your fear and nobody makes good decisions in a state of fear. When you start making rash decisions, the bear starts reacting to them. This makes you more fearful and therefore far more prone to making bad decisions. Just don’t panic.

Do not run:

Running is a good example of a bad decision. Don’t run. Bears will chase a runner. We run with the bulls, we do not run with the bears.

Stand your ground:

Think of the bear as a stranger. You wouldn’t run up to embrace a stranger, nor would you slap them across the face. You would simply remain calm, aware of their presence, but without changing your behaviour. Adopt the same attitude with the bear.

Be prepared, in groups:

As you approach the bear, it is undeniably more wise and comforting to be in a group of like-minded, equally prepared people. When that bear shows up, make sure you’ve got your people nearby.

Never feed the bear:

It’s what she wants most and it’s what you want least. You wouldn’t walk up to a stranger and offer them the contents of your wallet. They would gladly take it, and so will the bear. Never feed the bear. Just don’t.

So there are a few things to remember when we are facing a terrifying bear. We need to remember that this will happen again. But at least we can be prepared.


Link to Crypto 101 Episode 77 — https://apple.co/2EgO2Ps


Author: Glen Veitch

— Philosopher and explorer of the cryptosphere — Glen is a crypto enthusiast and graduate student living in Australia. He is currently completing his PhD in metaphysics at the University of Newcastle.

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